Weathered Light

by Ghost Cat

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Spotify: open.spotify(dot)com/album/6GeUyKvvbCzu6KetouXryO


released May 1, 2016

Album originally released November 19, 2014.
Members on this record:
John Henderson
Shane O'Brien
Bryan Jackson
Karsten Andersen



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Half Heart
Is this how you pictured
our last breaths together?
You never had the strength to say it then,
those days when life was so perfect.
Memories are caves I get lost in
and you heard what you wanted to.
So full of words and violence
but I stood speechless beside you.

We are, we are ships crashed at shore.
We are, we are a wolf at the door
blowing the house down
blowing the house down.

I'm still catching my breath
with distance expanding.
As the dust settles gently
I forgot how I felt alive.

Breathe these streets in the throws of life
your light can take me anywhere tonight.
Track Name: Little Tremors
I'll be the earth, you can be my moon.
Positions beneath cotton dunes.
Trembling under your weight.
You wish you could have it now
in the damp, half-light of dawn
with just enough night to barely see.

Cause your mind is on fire
and you're only so honest.
My digital kiss, my vacant skin
hovers over you like a virus.

I'm giving in, I'm giving in.

Your body swallows me alive.
In dreams you sleep with me every night.
Track Name: Neversaid
I loved you, but what did it matter?
I wanted to, but I didn't bother.

You think you're better off alone…
well who am I to argue.
Just do what you want.
Don't ask me if you can't hear the answer.

Don't ask me how I feel… Don't ask me.
Just do what you want to do.
You look good and I'm sure he did too.
Don't ask me. Don't ask me how I feel.
I don't want to think about it.

Don't be sorry now that it's happened.
Don't be sorry now that it's happened.
Now that it's happened...
Track Name: Wither
For the last few nights now I'm in between
somewhere I'm not and you've been.
Closing my eyes I always dream
tidal wave crashing.

Softness, come over me.
You said you loved me, what did your love mean?
In distance and silent thoughts
you speak to me, you sing to me.
With touch of winter cold,
vibrations cover our bones.
Courage hold us tightly bound
so we may drown together.

I saw sandcastles inside your eyes
washed away by the tide
and I wanted to hide, as they fell to the ground,
but I stayed inside.
I stayed inside...
Track Name: In Transition
She said, "I stole your shirt cause it smelled like you."
It smelled like you.
She said, "There's nothing wrong with thinking about death."
Your heart beats so hard, your heart beats so hard.

I know you need faith, but I don't have much,
I don't have much for you.
I am yours with every breath,
in every word a promise.
Hush, hush, hush.
Your mind is in the gutter.
Hush, hush, hush.
We're in for nasty weather.

Your silence speaks volumes.
It's not what you say, it's how you say it.
(Hush, hush, hush.)
You make me sorry you say as little as you do.

I said you're so difficult to open,
delicate in your plastic sleeve.
How long can you breathe underwater?
How long is this dream with me?
She said, "Just hold me I'm tired,
some things are gone by the morning."

In the echo of your tired hand
against my chest wanting more than a promise.

I forget what was said.
I can't tell what's ahead.
There's magic in your arms around me
so silent and longing.
Track Name: Better Off Dad
Oh my love, my sweetness what will it take?
For you to let me leave you?
For you to take a break?

Hang me from the ceiling my God.
Come get me out of bed.
It's cold and feels like death under these sheets
I tried to fight it, but it's pulling me down.
Pulling me down.
Pulling me.

My body just sits and shakes
cover my face, cover my face.
And what difference does it make?
My body just sits and shakes
cover my face, cover my face.
I'll see you in the morning.
My body just sits and shakes
cover my face, cover my face.
Everything I am.

In circles…

Home movies of a hillside I don't remember
and I'm jumping off trains.
Different people, leaves, bushes and backyards.
Thousands of miles away.
I'm a star going nova, burst my bubble, kiss the salt off me.
I didn't mean to hurt you my love,
but I need to leave.

I go on forever in absence stretched
throughout time, no distance between us.
I go on forever in absence stretched
throughout time, no distance between us.

Can you feel me?
Did you know I was still beside you?
Can you feel me?
Did you know I was still beside you?