Compilation III (for RAINN, an anti​-​sexual assault organization)

by Empty Headed Records

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    RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network) is an anti-sexual assault organization.

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released October 8, 2014

Album artwork done by Kaitlyn (Kate) Harber



all rights reserved


Empty Headed Records Palatka, Florida

Empty Headed Records is a record label based out of North Florida. Run by one person, Finn, EHR strives to build community and friendship, while helping incredible bands and artists as much as we can, inside and outside of releasing their music.
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Track Name: Mourning - Seeing Double
Two of me
And I don't know where they'll ever meet
To wipe my conscience clean
I'm stuck in between
I am yours but you're not mine
(I am yours but you're not mine)
And i'm seeing double all the time

I'll fall apart if I have to
If i have to

Cause' I am yours but you're not mine
And i'm seeing double all the time

The water still looks fake this time of year
Nothing's real like it used to be
But I can still catch reflections off the waves
Still nothing that i'd like to see

I'll fall apart if I have to
If I have to

Cause' I am yours but you're not mine
And i'm seeing double all the time
Track Name: Stealing Spines - Save It, Cinema
Youth stand & starve every brand; Entertainment is a fucking fallout. A cryout. A who can outshine who title bout.
& you’re being exploited. art is converted to something I know it's not.
swimming in the dust & the bones of our fathers, oh why is life such a bother?
but the way I see it, not every want is granted a get & it’s this heavy pull that’s setting us back
My fingers are gripping the edge & I can feel your foot pressing down But you made this too easy/ I’ve always jumped, every time/
Rock bottom was given the first pick to the parking in my soul/ So I think what you meant is welcome home/
The bottom of the sea always sat well with me
You only dimmed the lights of an already dark night.
Shadows & the past tense hang above my head.
Dead grass catches fire fast & I’m sick of patching holes in a fallout floor.
I see right through the mirror to you. Am I even still here or am I just a reflection of you?
Your voice rings loud & clear through my conscious.
It echoes back & forth between the walls in my mind.
& my own thoughts are pushed aside. Oh God, I think I really lost myself. "you catch on quick".
I wanna delete you from my mind. I’m not a stat, I gotta message to send so.
Open your mouth & let me climb inside. Not to hide but to tie your gums resemble strings, they’re holding your loose teeth. All to form a bed for me.
I gotta face some things I know but not right now.
Track Name: Fero Lux - Say It Like Pacino
So let's just forget that you've been shoveling dirt in my head. You've peeled your concerns from your frame so you won't feel the shake. How could we all feed the world when all you'll ever want is your half? Show your hands. Heritage in every ache, we'll be the fangs and this, the bone to break. Despised and cast aside, have we waited all our lives for this? To become this; teeth on bone? I'll love myself, you'll tie the noose. I'll hang my head, you'll cut me loose. So let's just pretend that you awake with your head in your hands. Distraught, discontent and disgusted by how you are blessed. I try not to think about or see my people's wretched hearts. All in the "who's who", with their tops down, getting sun and looking sharp. First base greets me with a fist and as fun as that is, I don't wanna play ball anymore with these kids. (You are what you can't forget.) We are the vessels for all that is great. We are discarding the devil. Give back what you take.
Track Name: Loser Year - Khajiit
life is alright
I'm feeling fine
finally cleared my mind
it's about time


laying in the sun
my minds so gone
wasting all my time
I'm feeling fine

Track Name: Gouge Away - Disease
You’re stuck in your own man-made cage
Bound by tradition and resistance to change
Claustrophobic - And it's closing in
Teeth shredding apart the skin.
Your tongue is violent
And it's about time you choke on it
Drooling with excuses
Your caveman mind is useless.
But at least it's at ease
Ignoring enough to be put to sleep (Out of your misery)
You think you’re doing what you please?
You’re groveling on your fucking knees.
You think your mind runs free?
It's infected with this disease.
Track Name: Waste - reflections_ (Demo)
who am i
wandering mind
i can't stay still
cuz my bones might grind
lost my faith
conscience erased
can't find my place
choose face

i fear my reflection
my reflection fears me

face to face with my every pain
theres not a fvcking thing i can erase
why do i
torture myself
with loathing
i can say i
hate my every breath
and every single goddamn step i take
hate all of the things i do
that seem to make me feel this way

i hate my reflection
my reflection hates me

every day i wake up is a fvcking disgrace to myself and i just want it to end before the sun rises again
i am shit
i am fvcking shit

every day i wake up is a fvcking disgrace
i just want it to go away
Track Name: Haily Taylor - Onions
do you ever feel like your heads under water,
and you cant find your way out,
like everyone's against you, and you're about to drowned

well you're not, you're not x2

and do you ever feel so small,
in a world that's not big enough to hold you.

and the walls start caving in, when know one knows,
all the things you're feeling when you're all alone.

but you're not, you're not x2

do you ever, feel unloved,
by the ones that are supposed to love you
but never really put in the effort to show you that they cared

Well you're loved, you're loved x2

And do you ever feel so weak inside your chest,
where you're hearts supposed to be.

and all the words, you've ever tried to speak,
are never heard, by the ones you want to hear them

well you're heard, you're heard. x2

Do you ever feel like youre not good enough for anyone around,
because your beauty isn't the same that they say it should be

well you're wrong, you're wrong x2

because there's so much more to you,
then the skin you're in,
let your mold fall off and show the person that's within x3
Track Name: Pilgrimage - Police, Don't Shoot Me
dreams weaved in clouds overhead
hanging onto what we think we've earned
faltering voices clawing at a great unknown
speaking of peace but not from experience
lowered eyes in a jest of defeat
if i had the strength and if i had the time and if the well itself wasn't dry
Track Name: Superhaunted - Wishing Well
Try to glue my mouth to the palm of my hand
And cross my fingers back again
She said "there's more moves to this dance,
that we haven't learned just yet."

I find it hard to believe
That the only thing I've taken is that
Blow to my head.
I find it hard to sleep
When everything is shaking and I'm
In over my head

Shallow as a wishing well
I said "thanks for nothing"
And I wish you'd fell.

It's slow,
But we're doing fine
We can learn to fight each other without losing time